Sol Space


Sol Space


The Classes


Monday 8.00am + Wednesday 8.00am
North Adelaide

Experience the transformative power of movement in a safe, nurturing space that recognises the body’s capacity for change + honours its need for balance.

Wednesday 6.30pm (gentle)
North Adelaide

Our bodies are nourished through movement. Take some time out for yourself on the mat + get to know just how good your body can feel.

Saturday 8.30am
North Adelaide

We hold an inclusive + safe space for students to learn, explore + connect. Be yourself, challenge yourself + transform yourself through movement.


Meet Us

Julia is a Polestar certified Pilates Matwork instructor who loves to move.


The Space

We run our classes at Clarity Wellness Centre. Located in the green leafy streets of North Adelaide, Clarity offers a welcoming + nurturing space for students. 


What is Pilates?

Joseph Pilates referred to his method as ‘the complete coordination of mind, body + spirit’. It’s not just about ‘going for the burn,’ it’s about how you feel on all levels; physically, mentally + beyond.


How Pilates Can Help

Pilates aims to bring the body back to balance; we strengthen what is weak + lengthen + release what is tight. We teach you to move better, with efficiency, elegance, good form + alignment.



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