Our Story


Julia is a Polestar certified Pilates Matwork instructor who loves to move. Originally taking classes to alleviate general aches + pains, she found Pilates to be much more than a system of physical exercise; rather, a holistic approach to whole body health + wellbeing. 

Julia employs a mixed instructional method, combining direct teaching with exploratory learning, allowing students the opportunity + space to connect body + mind, investigate possibilities, problem-solve + - through guidance - build intelligent movement strategies. With practice, these skills translate into everyday life, enabling students to go about their daily activities with ‘spontaneous zest + pleasure.’

“Joseph Pilates referred to his method as “the complete coordination of mind, body & spirit.” It’s not just about ‘going for the burn,’ it’s about how you feel on all levels; physically, mentally + beyond. It is a dialogue – a connection – between all aspects of self. You can tell what is working, what isn’t, imbalances in the body, mental blocks, emotional pulls… Pilates offers the willing student precious moments of self-reflection + an opportunity for self-improvement. The exercises don’t necessarily become easier; as you progress you delve deeper into the nuances of each + learn how they relate to, + build upon, each other. Pilates is a continual process of refinement.”

- Julia.